Let’s move on from milk price tweaks and address long term sustainability

Media Releases » Let’s move on from milk price tweaks and address long term sustainability

The United Dairyfarmers of Victoria (UDV) calls on dairy supply chain members to work together and implement solutions for the industry’s long term sustainability.

“We acknowledge announcements by Coles and ALDI to abandon the $1 milk price freeze that has undercut the dairy industry over the past eight years,” said Mr John Keely, UDV Vice President.

“The dairy industry cannot return to $1 per litre. Even in a good year, the $1 per litre price is not viable for our high value industry.

“While acknowledging this move in the right direction, it is time to move on from the discussion on cents, and start a sensible discussion about structural supply chain issues.

“Coles has indicated that they will continue to explore long-term solutions with government and industry stakeholders, so we look forward to them demonstrating this commitment in a meaningful way.

“A long-term solution that ensures the enduring sustainability of the industry requires coordination with farmers, processors and retailers.

“We also want to acknowledge the huge support dairy farmers receive from consumers.

“Australian consumers want to support dairy farmers, and they should have the confidence that when they pick up milk, cheese and other dairy products from the supermarket shelf, the price they are paying is fair for dairy farmers and does not undermine the industry,” said Mr Keely.

Media Contacts:
John Keely, UDV Vice President, 0417 351 260
Heather Smillie, Stakeholder, Media & Communications Officer, 0400 874 589