Kangaroo pet food program must be commercialised

Media Releases » Kangaroo pet food program must be commercialised

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) Livestock Group is calling on the Victorian Government to commercialise the successful 2014 kangaroo pet food trial to ensure the sensible and effective management of kangaroo populations.

“The success of the kangaroo pet food trial has clearly demonstrated that it is an effective system for sustainably managing kangaroo populations and reducing waste,” said Mr Leonard Vallance, VFF Livestock President.

“The Minister for Environment Lily D’Ambrosio must implement a kangaroo harvesting framework based on the evidence her Department gathered in the trial and their 2018 Kangaroo Aerial Survey. These important decisions need to be made based on objective evidence, not an emotional knee-jerk reaction.

“Victoria is currently the only State in Australia without an approved management plan for commercial kangaroo and wallaby harvesting. Implementing a framework will increase transparency and provide certainty for Government, shooters and farmers.

“The kangaroo population in Victoria has exploded in recent years well beyond a natural level and it is having a serious impact on both agricultural businesses and the welfare of the kangaroos themselves.

“I’ve been inundated with calls from members who have lost pasture and crops, and had fences ruined by large numbers of kangaroos. We’re also concerned that the large number of kangaroos on our roads reduces road safety and threatens human lives.

“Furthermore, we’ve heard shocking stories of emaciated, skinny kangaroos in overpopulated areas. This is a genuine animal welfare concern that needs to be addressed.

“We have a great opportunity to sensibly and sustainably manage the kangaroo population, reduce damage to our farms, reduce waste in the system and support a viable business,” said Mr Vallance.

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