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The AgTech Angel Investor Network (AAIN) is focused on building and supporting the growth of an effective angel and early-stage funding ecosystem across the agricultural industry.

Angel investment is the most significant source of equity for startup businesses seeking to start, build and scale their early business ideas and is a fundamental first link in the venture supply chain. Very many of our successful high-growth companies in Australia have started with angel backing.

At the AgTech Angel Investor Network, we are committed to unlocking the entrepreneurial spirit of Australians. By connecting agtech startups with angel investors, we aim to create a thriving network that supports the next generation of startups.

The AgTech Angel Investor Network hosts industry-aligned pitch sessions, ‘Pitch to Paddock’, an exclusive opportunity for angel investors to discover groundbreaking AgTech startups and contribute to the future of farming through strategic investments. By bringing together startups, investors, and industry professionals, this initiative aims to drive innovation, sustainability, and profitability in the agriculture sector.

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