Creating a committed future for you, the farm and your family

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  • Feeling confident knowing the farm’s future is secure and everyone’s interests are protected
  • Experiencing peace of mind assured that family harmony remains intact, even during tough discussions
  • The entire family working together towards a shared vision for the farm’s continued success

Are you grappling with the weight of tough decisions?

You’re not alone. Many families like yours grapple with:

  • Succession Planning: Who takes over the farm? How do we ensure a smooth transition for everyone involved?
  • Estate Planning: Ensuring a fair and secure future for all your loved ones, including non-farming Family members
  • Asset Protection & Cash Flow: Safeguarding your livelihood while keeping the farm financially healthy
  • Christmas Dinner table Harmony: Having those crucial conversations about the farm’s future without creating family conflict.

At Fitzpatricks Private Wealth, we understand the unique challenges successful families face and skilled at guiding families through complex issues, by fostering open communication and achieving peace of mind through our 30-year proven process.

Your personal CEO

Just like a skilled orchestra conductor, we lead and collaborate with the best professionals – tax advisers, lawyers, insurance agents, investment and financial experts – for you. What we’ve found is this aligns your financial and life affairs align perfectly.

Interested in finding out if this is suitable for you, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation (valued at $650).