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A Trusted Partner for Victorian Farmers, based in regional Victoria.

For over four decades, Brimarco has been a leader in designing, engineering, and manufacturing durable and reliable semi-trailers tailored to support your agricultural success. All Brimarco trailers are Australian-made and built from the ground up in our Ballarat facility.

Our partnership with the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) underscores our commitment to the farming community by providing high-quality and innovative solutions that enhance farm efficiency, productivity, and compliance.

Our trailers feature a low deck height and widening, along with axle group and deck length options to support a range of load configurations.

These features ensure that our equipment meets the demanding needs of modern farming operations.

Choosing Brimarco means benefiting from our deep connection to the farming community and our commitment to innovation and excellence. Our manufacturing process ensures unmatched quality control and timely delivery, while our personalised service provides a seamless experience from factory to farm and beyond.

We firmly believe in listening to the customer, understanding their needs, and delivering a solution that works for their business.

Visit our website to learn more about how we can support your farming needs: