VFF helps secure funding for pipeline investigation

Government funding has been made available to help expand Victoria’s stock and domestic water in the Pyrenees and Northern Grampians Shires.

The proposed Southern Wimmera and Northeast Pyrenees Waters Supply Project has been promoted by local farmers as a way to ensure a secure water supply as well as assisting farm businesses respond to drough and dry conditions.

Prior to the Victorian State Election in 2022, the VFF supported Pyrenees Shire Council’s request for funding to investigate the feasibility of expanding stock and domestic water supply to districts between Avoca, Beazley’s Bridge and Glenorchy.

The study will proceed to a business case if proven feasible, which will identify funding partners and funding options at a future stage.

The VFF has been invited to be a member of the Project Steering Committee and will help ensure local farmers are best represented.