National Vendor Declaration or Movement Document

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National Vendor Declaration (NVD) or Movement Document

The National Vendor Declaration (NVD) or movement document tells the receiver the food safety and treatment status of every animal. The document shows the history of chemical/drench/vaccination treatment and lets buyers know whether the animal is still within its withholding period (WHP) and if it’s safe to be sold for human consumption.

In the case where the animal has a disease, you can use it to track down where the disease may have originated from.

You can get a NVD from your LPA portal, or if you’re wanting a generic movement document, you can download them from the AgVic website.

When To Use The NVD or Movement Document

If you decide, you your cattle/sheep/goats move permanently to another owner, you must provide a NVD or movement document no later than the time the animals arrive at their destination.

Movement documents are not required:

  • For dead animals being sent for processing in a knackery
  • For animals being consigned to an agricultural show or exhibition (provided the animals will be returned to the exhibitor’s property immediately after the event)

Further Resources

Read more on the Agriculture Victoria website

For further information, please contact the VFF Stock Sense team on 1300 882 833 or by email [email protected]