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What is the fatal flaw underpinning the current preparedness strategy?

While the preparedness strategy remains sound, it is clear the current system does not deliver the focus the Overview of the 2016 document aimed to achieve.

For agriculture we are seeing an increase in the frequency and intensity of emergencies but still face an emergency management system that does not have the capability to understand the risks and consequences for agriculture.

Agriculture is often the most impacted business in the highest priorities of bushfires and floods. We were the most prepared sector for pandemic influenza and other novel viruses due to industry practices on biosecurity and zoonotic disease management. Technology risks, infrastructure emergencies, mine failure and natural hazards such as heatwaves, pest incursions, animal disease and severe storms are issues agriculture understands and prepares for.

The challenge we face is that emergency managers rarely consider agriculture in preparing for or responding to these risks.

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