VFF HortThoughts Podcast

Welcome to HortThoughts, a podcast series by the VFF’s Horticulture Group.

In this series, you’ll join host Tegan Buckley as she chats to a wide range of guests specialising in policy, safety, mental health, supply chain disruptions and much more.

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Episode #1: VFF Horticulture President, Nathan Free and VFF General Manager for Policy, Luke Hooke.

Episode #2: Andrew Whitelaw, Manager, Commodity Market Insights talking about Supply Chain Disruptions

Episode #3: Farm Safety with the VFF Senior Farm Safety Advisor, John Darcy.

Episode #4: Mental health with RUOK? Ambassador, Seryn Adams.

Episode #5: Horticulture Visa options with  AUSVEG National Manager – Public Affairs, Tyson Cattle

Episode #6: Employer Obligations with the VFF’s Allan Zoch

Episode #7: HortThoughts with the VFF’s John Darcy.

Keep tuned as we list more episodes in near future.