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VFF HortThoughts Podcast

Welcome to HortThoughts, a podcast series by the VFF’s Horticulture Group. In this series, you’ll join host Tegan Buckley as she chats to a wide range of guests specialising in policy, safety, mental health, supply chain disruptions and much more.…

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Behind the Celebration: Flowers

We’ve grown accustomed to giving flowers when celebrating with friends and loved ones, but have you ever wondered about the people behind these spectacular blooms? Meet Michael and Femke Licciardi, the owners of Wandin Valley Flowers on Melbourne’s eastern outskirts.…

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Seasonal Worker Program

The Horticulture Group was part of the development of the initial Seasonal Worker Program pilot program and has continued to support the program as a way for growers to source a reliable workforce. The VFF encourages growers who are seeking…

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Honey Production in Australia

Australia is the fourth largest exporter of honey in the world after China, Argentina and Mexico. Australian honey varieties are recognised for their high quality and unique flavours, affected by the bee’s feasting on a wide range of wild nectars.…

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