Consumers called on to support the pig industry

Media Releases » Consumers called on to support the pig industry

The Victorian Farmers Federation Pig Group is calling on consumers to support Victorian pig producers as the industry experiences a trading downturn.

A number of years ago the pork industry experienced an increase in sales and prices, which lead to an upgrade of farming infrastructure, improved productivity, and increases in sow herd size and carcass weight growth; resulting in an oversupply of pigs in the market.

The downturn is distressing for the pork industry. Some producers are finding it difficult to source a market for their pigs, putting many pig producers and their families under financial and mental strain.

“Our primary concern is for Victorian pig farmers and their families. If we can encourage Victorians to add one extra fresh pork meal a week to your shopping trolley, it will go a long way to helping our pig industry” said Tim Kingma, Victorian Farmers Federation Pig Group President.

“All fresh pork is produced in Australia. Look for the pink Australian Pork logo so you can eat delicious Australian pork produced by Australian farmers” said Mr Kingma.

Victoria’s pork production is a valuable industry for regional communities, generating considerable economic activity and supporting over 3,000 full-time jobs in Victoria. Through APIQ’s world-leading quality assurance program producers demonstrate the highest standard of farm management, animal welfare, food safety, biosecurity and traceability.

“The Australian pork industry has a world leading QA program APIQ. We were the first country to voluntarily remove sow stalls and we have made a positive economic contribution nationally for many years” said Mr Kingma.

Media Contacts:
Tim Kingma, VFF Pigs Group President, 0439 877 262
Heather Smillie, Stakeholder Policy & Advocacy Officer, 0400 874 589