Quad bike rollovers are the leading cause of farm deaths in Australia and are one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment on farms.

In 2015 alone, there were 22 quad bike fatalities and around 70 injuries across Australia - and with eight in the first part of this year, local farming communities are being rocked by these tragic but largely preventable deaths.

The Victorian Government through the WorkSafe Victoria is encouraging farmers to take part in a $6 million rebate scheme for approved safety solutions to help reduce quad bike deaths. WorkSafe now accepts operator protection devices (OPD’s) fitted to a quad bike as part of the solution to controlling the risk to operators in the event of a rollover.

The rebate is being administered by the Victorian Farmers Federation.

Eligible farmers can apply for a rebate of:

  • Up to $1200 (GST exempt) for the purchase of an alternate vehicle such as a side-by-side vehicle (SSV) or a small utility vehicle (SUV). The alternate vehicle must be designed for use in agriculture and at point of sale have rollover protection and a fitted seatbelt. Sport vehicles and small commercial vehicles, such as utes, are excluded. 


  • Up to $600 (GST exempt) for the purchase of up to two operator protection devices (OPD’s), or up to $1200 (GST exempt) for two devices. The OPD must have been designed and manufactured in accordance with approved engineering standards and independently tested to be eligible for the rebate.

There are currently two OPD devices that meet this criteria and are eligible for the rebate - the Quadbar ™ and the ATV Lifeguard.

Rebates are available for devices or vehicles purchased on, or after 22 July 2016. Farmers are able to lodge applications to claim the rebate from October 1, 2016.

The rebate is available to farmers who:

  • Live and operate a business in Victoria
  • Have no more than 19 full-time employees
  • Own a quad bike for work purposes
  • Have farming as their main source of income.

Farmers who are owner-operators with no employees are eligible to apply.

You can apply online, by email or post.

Online: www.bequadsafe.com.au

Email: bequadsafe@vff.org.au

Phone: VFF on 1300 945 030 for an application form

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UNSW : Transport and Road Safety Research Centre logos

The Transport and Road Safety Research Centre at UNSW is running an independent Quad Bike Workplace Safety Survey, which is funded by SafeWork NSW. The greater the number of responses the more valid the findings. The survey asks questions about the quad bike user, training and experience as a quad bike rider, helmet use and details of up to three recent crashes.

If you are interested and passionate about Quad Bike Safety, please take the time to fill in the survey.