Pests & Weeds

3. Pests & Weeds

Feral animals/pests and weeds can pose a health risk to livestock. Make sure to familiarise yourself with any feral animal or weed control programs in your area.

Always report anything unusual immediately to Exotic Plant Pest Hotline 1800 084 881 (plant pests and diseases, weeds and bees).


Feral animals/pests can carry and spread diseases to your livestock. They can also destroy large cropping areas or contaminate feed or waterways if left unchecked.

To keep them in control:

  • Regularly check and mend broken fences
  • Ensure farm buildings are in good repair
  • Dispose of any carcases properly and promptly
  • Work with neighbours and other producers in your local area to implement a coordinated approach to feral animal control


Quarantining livestock upon arrival gives weed seeds time to pass through the animals’ digestive tract. 

To keep weeds in check:

  • Know what weeds are common to your property and region
  • Request a declaration that states feed you buy is free from weeds
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For further information, please contact the Stock Sense team on 1300 882 833 or by email [email protected]