Farm Outputs

2. Farm Outputs

Similar to farm inputs, anything leaving your property could bring diseases, pests or weeds to other people’s properties. The measures in place on your property help protect the biosecurity in your area.


It is important that animals leaving your property are fit to load, to minimize the risk of animal welfare issues and disease spread.

To comply with NLIS standards, stock leaving your property must be tagged appropriately, and recorded on the NLIS database.

You must provide a National Vendor Declaration (NVD) or movement document when you:

  1. Send an animals to an abattoir, sale yard or scale
  2. Move an animal to a property with a different Property Identification Code (PIC)
  3. Give away or sell an animal as a pet

*False or misleading answers on movement documents can lead to prosecution and civil action by the buyer.

Sellers must also keep a copy of the movement document that they supply for seven years.

Transport Trucks

Before loading transport trucks, make sure to check that the animals are fit to load and plants and plant products are clean. This includes ensuring trucks are are clean before entering or leaving your property.

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