Production Practices

5. Production Practices

Part of your production processes should be managed for risks of diseases, pests and weeds. 


Regularly monitoring livestock for unusual symptoms is key to rapid disease management. Report them immediately to your vet or the EAD Hotline.

Ensure all staff know what to do in the event of a suspected emergency animal disease.

Check Stock Sense’s Resources and Factsheets for information about livestock diseases and welfare information.

Fences and Boundaries

Inspect and maintain adequate boundary fences. Broken or missing fences might allow wild animals or your neighbours’ livestock to mix with your own, heightening the risk of diseases, pests and weeds. Make sure you communicate with your neighbours when boundary lines are broken or you notice strays.

Establishing a boundary line between properties will help prevent nose-to-nose contact between livestock. 

Having a permanent quarantine area allows animals to be isolated upon entering your property. 

Waste Management

Effluent, waste and dead animals harbour large quantities of disease causing bacteria. Make sure disposal is away from waterways, feed and pastures.

If a death occurs, disposal in a segregated area ensures diseases don’t spread and reduces the risk of other livestock coming into contact with the carcass. Licensed knackeries will collect and dispose of large dead livestock and this or licensed landfill are the preferred methods. If disposing of on farm, carcasses should be buried at least 200 metres away from any water supply with at least 1 metre of soil on top of the carcass, and out of view of the public. Incineration is also an option providing there is good airflow and the local fire brigade has been contacted to check weather conditions.

Use vegetation in plantations or windbreaks to reduce effluent transfer.

Farm Chemicals

Use the appropriate amount of vaccinations and drenching will help prevent resistance and recurring disease.

Chemical residue may sometimes be found in stockfeed. 

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For further information, please contact the VFF Stock Sense team on 1300 882 833 or by email [email protected]