Train, Plan & Record

6. Train, Plan & Record

An important part of farm biosecurity, and also managing your business, is ensuring staff are well-trained, planning for diseases, pests and weeds, and recording movements will help keep track of where a disease, pest or weed came from.


  • Ensure all staff know ow diseases, pests and weeds spread, and what they should do when entering and leaving the property to minimise risk
  • Keep records of staff training and ensure they are regularly maintained

There are online training courses available:

LPA has record keeping templates online here.


It’s important to be aware of vulnerable people that work on your property. Make sure they are protected against zoonotic diseases such as Q fever, tetanus and leptospirosis.

Make sure all family members and employees are aware of their role in effective biosecurity on your farm, and who to contact if a risk is identified.


It’s essential to keep a record of farm inputs and farm outputs. This will help trace the origin of diseases, pests and weeds.

Recording livestock treatments is essential to maintain your herd health status, and to complete accurate NVD’s and AHD’s when stock leave your property.

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